Tuesday, 12 July 2016

About Me


I am very happy that you found your way over to the Learning Field.

I created this blog in July 2016 for many reasons these include:

  • A space for me to share and reflect on my teaching practices 
  • To connect with other teachers around the world
  • To share authentic products that I have made and used in the classoom
  • To refer you to other teachers products that I love and use

I am currently a graduate teacher. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) in 2014 in Victoria Australia. I spent my graduate year teaching a lovely bunch of Year 1s and this year I am teaching a composite class of Foundation/Year 1s in a small rural town.
I love teaching junior primary and look forward for the things I will continue to learn and develop.

When I am not teaching I am....

  • Staying active at the gym or playing netball
  • Watching television (netflix/stan addict) 
  • Reading books
  • Internet surfing
  • Seeing friend and family
  • Dating
  • Finding life quotes on the internet

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