Monday, 18 July 2016

What is in my Jolly Grammar books?

Jolly what???
Jolly Phonics is an engaging and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. The program has 42 letter sounds with actions for each (for more information, visit the Jolly Phonics website). In Year 1 if students are confident at phonics including blending and segmenting, students move onto the Jolly Grammar 1 program which involves a weekly spelling and grammar rule.

As I teach a composite Foundation/Year 1 classroom (Prep/1 or K/1 are other names for it). I am expected to implement both programs, reading and writing lessons within a 2 hour block. I have been experimenting ways to deliver all efficiently - both Jolly Phonics and Grammar 1 programs and the literacy block.

Normally I am very anti workbooks or photocopied activities from a book. This is less like this as I can do currently (I might learn from this and change it for term 4 to best suit my students).

I sequence Jolly Grammar lesson (35 minutes) like this:
Monday: Introduction to spelling words for the week and the sound of the week.
Tuesday: Students practice spelling words while introducing content to Foundations and introduction to grammar rule with learning task.
Wednesday: Spelling word practice, spelling rule and dictation practice
Thursday: Revise grammar rule with learning task
Friday: Revision of both and clear any misconceptions.

Photos of a weekly session are commented below.

Spelling LCWC Weekly Sheet

      A LCWC sheet allows students to practive their spelling words while I do my explicit teaching for the Foundation students with phonics.

Spelling Activity Sheet
 Students need to cross of each activity over the week while I am working with Foundation students. I allow 2 blank pieces of paper for this. On a shelf, I have a box with gel pens, newspaper letters etc for student to use.

Jolly Phonics Spelling Task Sheet
 This sheet is photocopied from the Jolly Grammar Handbook 1 to assist students with the spelling rule of the week. Students complete this after I introduce them to the spelling rule. As you can see in week 1 we are starting the bossy e  sound with a_e.

The next page I add another spelling rule focused learning task to consolidate their learning. Depending on the sound, I just find something free on TPT.

After the 2 spelling tasks, I photocopy the grammar learning task in the Jolly Grammar 1 Handbook. The first week back, I am introducing students to verbs

After this page, I put another verb learning task.

Dictation Practice

This dictation sheet is the last page of each week. There is a section of the Jolly Grammar program that allows you to read words and sentences to students and they need to record the sounds they hear.

I have printed out each of these sheets for every week for the whole term, then binded it for each of my Year 1s to use this term!  Wish me luck! I will let you know throughout the term how this booklet goes.

From Lexi

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